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14 janvier 2012 6 14 /01 /janvier /2012 13:41

The Late Late Show avec Craig Ferguson
Invité Matthew Gray Gubler
3 janvier 2012

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14 janvier 2012 6 14 /01 /janvier /2012 13:34




What would Criminal Minds’ Dr. Spencer Reid—myopic, introverted genius—make of the actor who portrays him, Matthew Gray Gubler, becoming a fashion muse and appearing in Vogue and glossy ad campaigns? 

“I think his head would explode,” Gubler says with a laugh. “He’s read every book in the world, but probably nothing Anna Wintour has done. He wouldn’t know what to make of it.” But the 31-year-old actor is at ease straddling the worlds of acting and modeling. “I’ve always looked at all entertainment with the same perspective and lens,” he says. “It’s never been hard to switch between things.” 


Gubler’s initial foray into the fashion world was accidental: In 2001, while attending New York University film school, he was approached by a scout for a Kate Spade campaign. Before long, “I’m in Paris opening up a Louis Vuitton show,” Gubler says. “I’m like, ‘Holy smokes—I have to walk up there and not laugh!’ It was a thing I knew very little about. It was like someone calling you and asking, ‘Hey, do you want to be an astronaut?’ ” 

When it comes to assessing his looks, the Las Vegas native is charmingly self-deprecating. “It was during a time when modeling went away from the Zoolander buff, cool-guy thing and into—luckily for me—a scrawny, weird-eyed, longhaired thing,” Gubler insists. “I caught it at the right time … or it caught me, rather.” 


Just as he was getting used to balancing his schedule between foreign runways and finals, Gubler got another big break. After working as an intern for director Wes Anderson, he got a call asking if he’d want to play a small part in 
Anderson’s 2004 film, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Steady acting work followed with roles in the film (500) Days of Summer and, beginning in 2005, TV’s Criminal Minds. Modeling, he says, “helped me more as an actor than I gave it credit for. It’s some of the hardest acting I’ve ever done—you don’t have 
the words to hide behind.” 

Now his acting work is informing the fashion world; most recently, Bruce Weber 
photographed Gubler for both Vogue and Spanish Vanity Fair. 

“I found out that he’s a regular Criminal Minds watcher. He’s one of the greatest American photographers alive today,” Gubler says. “And the first 
thing he said when he met me was, ‘What’s with Spencer’s headaches?’ ” 

(“I watch Matthew on Criminal Minds all the time,” Weber confirms. “He reminds me of the guys I went to boarding school with. He’s not only good-looking, but smart on top of that and all the girls I know have crushes on him.”)


While his Criminal Minds castmates may tease him about his fashion plate status, Gubler insists that his real-life sartorial choices are simple: “Most of my wardrobe I’ve had since high school.” 

His latest modeling work includes a campaign for Aldo, photographed by Terry Richardson. 

“Some people were like, ‘Why did you do that? Why would you do a shoe campaign?’ ” Gubler says. “Some people have this weird thing in their minds about what successful actors should and shouldn’t do. 

“I’ve never believed in limiting myself. I don’t see why someone can’t be a model and an actor and a director.” He pauses, and laughs. “To have someone say ‘No one’s ever done that’ seems like a great reason to do it.” 


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29 décembre 2011 4 29 /12 /décembre /2011 16:44


mainImage1 mainImage2 mainImage3 mainImage4 mainImage5 

Photography by Mr Jacob Sutton. Styling by Mr Bruce Pask
Words by Mr Jim Shi

"I have zero interest in being the biggest thing right now," says Mr Gubler, as he takes a break from his MR PORTER shoot for coffee and pastries. Perhaps best known for his role as bespectacled, witty Dr Spencer Reid in the CBS dramaCriminal Minds, Mr Gubler seems wholly unlike the stereotypical Hollywood hot shot. Rather, he is polite, unassuming, modest.

"It sounds pretentious," he says, "but there's nothing less stylish than trying to be stylish." It's a simple belief, but one that Mr Gubler has held onto for most of his 31 years. You could even say it has helped to shape him into the burgeoning talent that we behold today, clad in a simple blazer, cords and a T-shirt that he's had for a third of his life.

Making good use of his handsome looks, this Las Vegas native (his family's roots in Sin City date back to the 1940s) started out as a fashion model for brands including Marc Jacobs and Burberry, shooting stories with photographers like Mr Terry Richardson. "I also studied film-making at New York University and ended up acting, luckily," he says. "I love entertaining people in any way."

Having recently completed his sixth season of Criminals Minds, Mr Gubler has returned to pursuing his first love: directing. He has made two episodes of the aforementioned show, not to mention several indie films as well as a witty mockumentary series entitled Matthew Gray Gubler: The Unauthorized Documentaries.

His directing icons are as unconventional as he is: Mr John Waters, Mr Vincent Gallo ("Buffalo '66 is a masterpiece"), Mr Roman Polanski, the Coen Brothers, Mr Alfred Hitchcock and Mr Wes Anderson (Mr Gubler interned with Mr Anderson while the latter was making The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and won a minor role in the film).

His next few parts see him mainly behind the scenes, voicing the role of Simon inAlvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked, Windsor in Scooby Doo: Attack of the Phantosaur, and Jimmy Olsen in All-Star Superman. "I grew up loving cartoons; it's a beautiful medium," he says. It comes as no surprise, then, that Mr Gubler has form as an illustrator and photographer.

"We have a lot of downtime on set so I started drawing," he says. "I became obsessed with watercolours." That passion has translated into an online portfolio that showcases his textured observations of some of life's characters, re-imagined in contorted, elongated form.

Then there's Magic Valley, an independent feature from Mr Jaffe Zinn, which recently premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. In it, Mr Gubler plays the role of a death-metal fish farmer, wearing plenty of "cool Norwegian death metal






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26 décembre 2011 1 26 /12 /décembre /2011 17:43


MGG - Oyster Magazine 02 MGG---Oyster-Magazine-03.jpg MGG---Oyster-Magazine-04.jpg MGG---Oyster-Magazine-05.jpg 

Crédit Mike Piscitelli 

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20 décembre 2011 2 20 /12 /décembre /2011 21:43

Matthew Gray Gubbler : le piège à filles

Dans les coulisses de la série de mode autour de notre muse de décembre, Matthew Gray Gubler, l’ambiance était délirante. Trop de filles pour un garçon irrésistible qui se laisse faire. Les femmes mettraient-elles donc du rouge à lèvre pour provoquer des jeux de pré-ados ? Chez Jalouse certainement. D’ailleurs tout le monde s’amuse dans cette série du Jalouse de décembre intitulée “Jamais sans mon Gubler”.


 MGG-jalousefr-decembre-2011---02.jpg MGG-jalousefr-decembre-2011---03.jpg


Source jalouse.fr

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19 décembre 2011 1 19 /12 /décembre /2011 17:07
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19 décembre 2011 1 19 /12 /décembre /2011 16:38


Q: “Criminal Minds” team, but it is unlikely that you all get along.

We get along really well,  it’s like family there. One of the secrets that this show is successful, I think sometimes is because that people get along.
With Matthew I feel very good relationship. I have something to feel proud with each other. I get along with anyone who has something to do with the show. I’m a friend for everyone. There is confidence that has created from scratch. Matthew, Thomas and I in particular, we are original member of the first episode, but soon came to join the other members also, I have created a sense of responsibility and pride in the show. There is a sense of security similar to the eternal love. Nothing lasts forever, but I think come to an end, of course, at that time of the collapse of marriage as the years went on, I think it’s painful farewell. So the moment, and spending cherished moments. It was seven years is a very intense time.

Q: In the episode “Exit Wounds” Morgan refuses to share the same room at the lodge. Why?

This time (in Japan),  Shemar and I are in the same room but in the hotel, and I feel really good. I joke (laughs).

MGG---Shemar-02.jpg MGG---Shemar-03.jpg

Crédit tvgroove.com
Source Celtic Fairy

Q : "Criminal Minds Team", mais il est peu probable que vous vous entendiez bien tous.

Matthew : Nous nous entendons très bien. C'est comme une famille. Parfois je pense que l'un des succés de cette série, c'est que les gens s'entendent.

Shemar : Avec Matthew, j'ai vraiment une bonne relation. C'est se sentir fier les uns des autres. Je me sens bien avec les personnes de la série. Je suis ami avec tout le monde. Il y a une confiance qui s'est créée à partir de rien. Matthew, Thomas et moi en particulier, nous étions dans le 1er épisode de la série, mais très vite les autres membres sont venus nous rejoindre, et ça me donne un sentiment de responsabilité et de fierté. C'est comme le sentiment rassurant de l'amour éternel. Rien ne dure éternellement, et lorsque la fin arrive, bien sûr, comme lors de la fin d'un mariage après plusieurs années, les adieux sont douloureux. Alors il y a le présent et les instants précieux partagés. Ces 7 années ont été très intenses.

Q : Dans l'épisode "Exit Wounds", Morgan refuse de partager la même chambre à l'auberge. Pourquoi ?

Matthew : Cette fois (au Japon), Shemar et moi partageons la même chambre mais à l'hotel, et je me sens très bien. Je plaisante (rire)


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30 octobre 2011 7 30 /10 /octobre /2011 16:23


It's all stars, polkadots, sequins and animal print for Aldo Holiday 2011 campaign ad...
Model Lily Donaldson and Matthew Gray Gubler show us just how much we are going to want to shop in Aldo.
The collection should be in stores by October we hope. Need to get those sequin shoes, I want those star tights!


aldo4 aldoholiday2-530x730 aldoholiday3-530x371 aldoholiday4-530x730 aldoholiday-530x730 aldoholiday5-530x727



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30 août 2011 2 30 /08 /août /2011 19:42

Matthew Gray Gubler, qui incarne l’étrange mais sympathique personnage, plaît beaucoup aux producteurs de “Ghostbusters

reid.jpgMatthew Gray Gubler pourrait passer du rôle d’un brillantissime agent du FBI (Spencer Reid) à celui, bien plus déjanté, de chasseur de fantômes. Les producteurs de “Ghostbusters 3″ sont en effet en train de choisir la nouvelle génération de tueurs de du “paranormal”. Dan Aykroyd, scénariste de la saga et acteur dans les deux premiers volets des films a confié: “J’aime cet acteur, Matthew Gray Gubler, de la série Esprits criminels. Mais bien entendu on va passer par le processus du casting. Nous allons rencontrer tous ceux qui souhaitent le faire. Nous avons besoin… de trois acteurs et d’une jeune femme.” Bref, si Matthew Gray Gubler est intéressé, c’est quasiment dans la poche. Mais a-t-il envie de changer de registre et de passer de la chasse aux criminels à celle, totalement décalée, de fantômes? A suivre…

source : Série, fais moi peur

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24 août 2011 3 24 /08 /août /2011 19:55


Professionally starting out as a model,he made himself known with “The Life Aquatic the adventures of Steve Zissou” and he placed himself with the series “Criminal minds” on CBS. But he is also a film director and painter.

“The common denominator of all these roles is the passion for entertainment”, he recounts. Born in 1980, from Los Angeles, he takes fame in his stride: “I am convinced that entertaining people is a privilege more than a right”.  Gratifications, in fact, are not lacking. “I like to invest my time knowing that each moment may make the time of others pleasant”.

Photo by Lauren Dukoff

(Big photo. Suit Prada, shirt Emporio Armani, tie Band of Outsiders. Small photo. Trench Burberry Prorsum, T-shirt Marc Jacobs. Fashion editor Shirley Kurata)

Stefania Medetti, L'Uomo Vogue, July/August 2011 (n. 422), p. 306


Commençant sa vie professionnel comme modèle, il se fait connaître avec "The Life Aquatic the adventures of Steve Zissou" et se fait engager sur la série "Esprits Criminels" sur CBS. Mais il est aussi réalisateur et peintre.

"Le dénominateur commun de tous ces rôles est la passion pour le divertissement" raconte-t-il. Né en 1980,  Los Angeles, il prend la notoriété comme elle vient : "Je suis convaincu que divertir les gens est un privilège plus qu'un droit." Les gratifications, en effet, ne manquent pas. "J'aime investir de mon temps sachant que chaque instant peut rendre le temps des autres agréables."

Merci à Celtic Fairy pour l'info =) 


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